The day I stopped being a moon

I love the moon.  Always have.  I am a Cancer and by definition a Moon Child.  I often go out at night and stare at the moon shining in the sky and feel it’s love.  Yea crazy I know but I swear I do.

The moon’s job is to orbit the earth.   The moon is not a light source of its own but reflects the sun’s light to the earth during the night.

The moon affects the earth’s tides and weather through it’s gravitational pull because it is a large body in the sky.  Astronomers theorize that the earth and the moon were one body at one time and came apart when an asteroid hit them.


Like the moon, I orbited others – never having light of my own but being a reflection.  I was consistent and dependable.  Sure I had my different phases (faces) but always I was in the sky around another celestial body whether I was visible or not.

I was a moon to the significant people in my life.  They were the centre of my orbit.  I dutifully revolved shining when I could and hoping to be noticed.

But one day I needed to be a SUN.  I had learned what I needed to know.  My toolbox was full.  I learned not to let go of the pieces of myself that I need in order to be what someone else wants.  I learned not to compromise myself.  I learned not to settle.  I learned, as difficult as it was, to be my own sun.

So I broke orbit and set out into space.  It was not easy.  The gravitational pull to stay in orbit was immense.  My moon body shook and tossed as I mustered the energy to break from orbit.  Violently,  I broke free from the pull of the earth and hurdled out into space.

Further from the sun.

It was cold.  And my own light was dimmed.  For a while.

I drifted in silence.  Regained my light.  Nursed the wounds.  And one day the light inside slowly grew stronger.  It glowed brighter and brighter.

Slowly, subtly, silently, I became a sun.




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