Brief case to flip flops – my journey from all things corporate to flip flops

In 2012 I retired from my career.  I was 54, successful, but very tired.  I had made little time for myself – too busy with raising a family, being a corporate wife and fighting to be an executive.

I came to the end of a very long rope and decided it was time to let go.

So I did.


I spent the next 2 years healing myself and going inside.  I travelled, journaled, slept, and did all the things you dream about doing “when you retire”.

I am grateful for the journey but there is one thing left to do.  I need to share my path.  There are so many still in the trenches which need support.  The corporate world is a difficult place to maintain contact with your soul, heart and mind.  I want to help. I studied life coaching and learned many things.  But most of all I learned I didn’t have to live and work the way I did.  You can work at a job and retain your soul.  It is possible to be fulfilled, peaceful and be in a cubicle.  The rats can race and the dogs can eat the other dogs, and I don’t have to be a part of it.

So join me in this conversation.  You might get some sand between your toes too.

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